History of Adoptive Families of Houston

Adoptive Families of Houston was founded in 2011 thanks to the dedication, hard work and passion invested by Kathie Otte, M.S.W. As an adoption counselor, Kathie believes adoption education is important to the health of adoptive parents.


Observing a lack of post-adoption education offered by adoption agencies, Kathie wanted to create an environment where adoptive parents and adoptees could openly and regularly discuss topics unique to the adoptive family. As an adoptive parent, she also knows children need to be acquainted with other children who were adopted so that they don’t feel alone or different.


With encouragement from Kathie’s clients and the help of 12 adoptive parents, Adoptive Families of Houston was born in 2011. It has grown to more than 80 families and has achieved status as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.



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